How to Fix a Bad Haircut

Tips on How to Fix a Bad Haircut

Anything can be the reason for your bad haircut. It happens to the best of us and while it feels like the end of the world, know that it is only temporary. You might have visited a new hairstylist or requested a cut that doesn’t suit your facial features. Another reason could be that your hair texture does not support the cut. Whatever the reason, you should learn how to fix a bad haircut.

What to Do After a Bad Haircut?

Whether it was the barber’s fault or yours, it would be helpful to accept that it’s done. It will be a while before your hair grows back.

However, in the meanwhile, you can do the following to salvage what’s left of it.

how to fix bad haircut

Talk With the Barber

Most often, when you are sitting in that chair with your barber, you are likely to like the cut. Once you go home, only then do you have a sudden realization that something is wrong. Even when you don’t like it there and then, don’t be shy to voice your thoughts.

It can be intimidating for some people to tell their stylist they are unhappy and do not like the cut, but honest communication is important here. You can request them to have another look and see what can be done. When you discuss the areas of the cut you don’t like, they can adjust accordingly.

You really shouldn’t be intimidated about talking about your bad cut. Barbers want their clients to look good and would be happy to help in most cases. If you can pinpoint exactly what you don’t like, it would be easier to fix. For instance, are the layers too choppy? Is the fringe uneven? Some problems are easily fixable and wouldn’t take much time and effort for the barber.

Go Shorter

Several things can be wrong with your haircut. But, one thing you can do is chop all those locks altogether and wait it out to grow back for a new look. In some cases, where the layers are uneven, your stylist can even out your hair, which means losing some length.

However, what can you do when your hair is cut too short already, and you don’t like it? Well, one must remain calm and avoid panicking. That’s easier said than done, but if you remain confident, you can still pull it off. Another thing you can do is wear a scarf or a hat until it grows long enough for you to style it better again.

Try Extensions

If your bad haircut is the result of choppy layers or angles that don’t suit your face, you can try getting extensions in the meanwhile. Extensions can help cover up some of the mess in your hair until it grows out.

There are many good and reasonable options for clip-in extensions that last a while. You can find them in different textures, lengths, and colors, seamlessly blending in with your natural hair. Extensions are a temporary fix that makes the waiting period easier until your hair grows back, and then you can have it cut properly again.

Get a barber that helps you look good.

Gather Reference Pictures

If you are unsatisfied with your haircut, you must have identified what it is about your hair that is bothering you. One way to deal with it is by gathering pictures of what you would like your hair to look like.

Sometimes you like a cut, but it wouldn’t suit your face or hair texture. If you have gathered some reference pictures, you can discuss them with your stylists. Your barber will be better able to guide you if the cut you want will suit you.

You can also discuss alternatives and what exactly about the cut you like. A good barber will be honest with you and let you know if your demand is reasonable or if you should look for another style that will suit you better.

Be Patient

When you have ended up with a bad cut, know that time is your only best friend now. Chopping it further or doing more experiments may spoil it more for you, so it’s best to wait it out. You may also need a few salon runs to get it back in shape, which is fine.

The sooner you accept reality, the quicker you will be able to deal with it. A little patience in this regard will go a long way. Once you have waited for your hair to grow back a certain length, you can visit your barber for a proper cut.

Know that sometimes it is essential for barbers to have a certain length to work with to give you the best style. So wait for it to grow, and then you can have your desired style easily.

Final Thoughts

Anyone’s haircut can go wrong but what’s important is knowing how to fix a bad haircut. Something that can really help you in today’s age of social media is researching the salon where you want to get your haircut.

The internet is the best place for marketing and reviews today. If you are looking for a particular barber or style, you can look it up quite easily. Salons with a social media presence are more likely to understand the need of their customers and appeal to them with quality services. You can also find their reviews online easily.

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