Barbers Safety Checklist

Safety Checklist Before Visiting A Barber Shop

When coming out of a barber shop or a saloon, it is important to feel good and different. So, if you are unhappy with your haircut or with the environment, it is time to change your barber. However, it would be best to strategize the style and haircut you are looking for, so you be able to avoid any disappointment.

However, a barber shop must have a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. You should feel comfortable with the safety measures of a barbershop when you walk into it. The environment must be welcoming and calm, with comfortable chairs, and a pleasant scent that reflects that the barbershop cleaning measures are ensured.

What To Do Before Going To The Barber?

Before you enter a barber shop, it is recommended to have realistic expectations and bring references with you. However, these are secondary. The primary thing is the safety measures you need to take, especially with the Coronavirus still around. Some of the important safety measure you must take to adapt to this new lifestyle includes:


1.     Face Masks

When you are at a barber shop, you are in close proximity to the barbers and other customers around. However, with most of the barber shops being small in size, it is relatively impossible to maintain a social distance gap of approximately six feet.

Therefore, to protect yourself, you need to use face masks to ensure you stay away from germs and other infections around. On the other hand, if your barber is not wearing a face mask, you must ask them to wear one. As a result, you both will be protected.

2.     Gloves

Gloves are easily available in the market and are helpful in preventing exposure to any virus. So, you must ensure using plastic gloves to avoid contracting germs. Also, the hair you are trimming may get stuck easily to your hands or your barber’s hands. So, the gloves will ensure that the virus and other undesirable items stay away from you.

3.     Book An Appointment

The best safety measure you must take is to book an appointment before going to a barbershop. This will help you avoid contracting with other people and maintain a social distance. Also, this would save you time and ensure you do not contract germs while waiting for your turn.

Why Is Safety Important In A Barbershop?

Health and safety measures must be at the top of the list in a barber shop or a salon. It is essential to protect your customers and abide by the law. However, if you fail to take certain precautionary measures for safety, you can face legal consequences. Moreover, safety measure helps you protect your employees, customers, and other visitors.

What Are The Most Important Measures In Keeping The Salon Clean & Safe?

Hygiene is the technique that helps in disease prevention and protection, and health improvement. It comprises of public and personal hygiene. Each is essential, has a direct relationship, and helps decide whether the customer will visit you again. Here are a few safety measures of barbershop they must take to keep the salon clean and safe:

Properly Wiped Furniture

After every use, the cleaner must wipe all the salon’s seating area and chairs with sanitizer. However, they can simply keep a spray bottle and tissues near each workplace to swiftly wipe while spraying. Disinfectants made with alcohol can ruin vinyl or polyvinyl chloride, this is why they might use different sort of disinfecting purposes.

Regularly Washed-Down Towels & Linens

Salons must avoid reusing towels and linens for multiple customers. Also, see if they wash all the towels and linens in hot water, which is recommended to avoid infections. As a result, it helps ensuring that the customers are satisfied with barbershop  cleaning measures.

 Sweeped & Cleaned Floor

With haircutting being the major work, it is essential to notice that salons ensures sweeping the floor regularly. This will help you ensure that the shop stays clean and you aren’t disturbed by the haircut of other clients. This will ensure that other customers do not contract the virus and infections that you might be carrying.

Frequently Sterilised Tools

The tools and apparatus used on regular basis are the livelihoods for the barbers. So, it is important to see is they sterilize their tools after each use. This also ensures that the same tools aren’t used on each customer.

Most of the manufacturers provide sterilization information on tool maintenance to keep them clean but only a few follow them. Its best if they are cleaned after every use to avoid transmitting contagions, such as virus.

Washed Down Work Surfaces

It’s no use sterilizing the tools if they are just put down on dirty work surfaces. The same spray they used to disinfect your seating area can be used to disinfect your workspace. However, many salons overlook the need of disinfecting the surfaces frequently.


Maintaining the Class of Hair styling at an Affordable Price

What Are The Seven Common Hazards In A Barbershop?

The primary aim of any barbershop is to provide their clients with a sanctuary that can help them emit the certainties of daily life. Moreover, a salon is known to be room to pamper and be pampered. At this place, the barbers and owners help their clients feel special and love their looks.

On the other hand, the stylists, barbers, and other staff in the barber shops must ensure that they are aware of the latest trends and must stay up to date with upcoming treatments. They also must make sure that they offer a secure environment and that the customers can have an enjoyable time in their salon.

However, a safe and secure salon that can help customers relax, feel comfortable, and stay stress free from their daily lives comes with a lot of risks, some of which include:

  • Poor Cleanliness
  • Hazardous Chemicals
  • Trips And Falls
  • Unqualified Staff
  • Fire Risk
  • Theft Risk
  • Legal Risks

If you are about to visit a salon or barbershop but saw these things happening it is best to stay away from it. It would be best to notify them the reason for your leave to make them aware of whats keeping customers away from them.

Safety Precautions We Offer At High End Luxury Barbershop?

At Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barber Shop, you get the best barbershop services at an affordable price and the safety precautions as suggested by the government of the United States of America. We abide by all the safety laws to ensure that our customers are satisfied and get a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere with an ambiance that speaks for the luxurious services itself.

Furthermore, we offer a vast range of barber services for womenmen and kids who are looking for recreation, all while ensuring customers’ privacy and safety. We certify that all the services we offer are worth for money, and we follow all the safety measures to ensure that the clients do not get infected or contract any viruses. Some of the safety precautions we offer at High End Luxury Barbershop include the following:

  • All our staff is licensed and trained and follow the safety regulations.
  • We conduct regular safety training, such as providing staff information about avoiding slips, falls, trips, etc.
  • We conduct weekly and monthly salon inspections and daily assessments of areas with high volumes.
  • We ensure that the fire extinguishers and sprinklers aren’t blocked.
  • We ensure that all the barber shop staff is vaccinated for Covid-19.
  • We have multiple emergency exits, and all the doors are clear.
  • We make sure that the shop is sufficiently ventilated.
  • We regularly check the chairs’ condition, safety straps, and anchor bolts.
  • We wipe the chairs and sweep the floor after providing services to each customer.
  • All the equipment we use is sterilized, and the towels are washed on a daily basis.
  • We provide our staff with safety equipment, such as face masks and gloves.
  • All our employees have a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the products that are used on a daily basis.


We believe that accidents can happen even in salons and barbershops, which is why we have taken all the safety measures. Also, all the staff working at Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barber Shop is professional and trained well to deal with the challenges.

All these initiatives makes us one of the best barbershop in the West Palm Beach as we follow all the safety measure of barbershop. Furthermore, we provide an environment that can help you get out of the stress and relax you with reasonable prices. Call us now to book your appointment.


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