Who Is Roger Wilson

Who Is Roger Wilson And What He Is Offering At High End Luxury Barber Shop

Salons and barber shops have been around for decades, where people come to relax and get different grooming and barber services. However, long gone are the days when people used to go there for a hair or beard trim.

Today, people prefer to enjoy the company of different people, gossip about trends, talk about fashion, and get their nails and hair done simultaneously. Not only this but many man also like to get pampering sessions with luxury mani-pedis, facials, waxing, and so much more. This has set whole new benchmarks for men’s grooming services, which needs to be met by the barbers, if they want to satisfy their clients.

According to a study, more than 34% of men like to get the grooming services from a salon, as traditional barber shops only offer cutting and shaving and they need much more to look their best in this modern era. So, Roger Wilson’s came up with the idea of High End Luxury Barbershops. He initiated one of these luxury salons in West Palm Beach, the heart of Florida to meet the emerging needs of hairstyling services  men, women, and kids alike while reviving the essence of traditional barbershop but with a plethora of more services.

Want to know what’s more to it? Let’s explore who Roger Wilson is, what is his initiative and what are the unique services he offers further in this blog.

Who Is Roger Wilson?

Roger Wilson, along with Joana, is the owner of the luxurious salon – High End Luxury Barber Shop. Roger Wilson has more than 30 years experience of providing a number of barber services in different states.

With a modern approach Roger Wilso aims to provide client-focused barber services in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas through a team of skilled and licensed barbers and top-quality, welcoming, and specialized services to patrons of all ages.

High End Luxury Barber Shop aims to exceed the expectations of the customers by providing a tailored luxury environment where customers can feel relaxed and get all the desired grooming services comfortably under one roof. Roger has previously operated and owned multiple barber shops and is familiar with the nuances of the barber shop industry. Due to his daily interaction with people of all races and regions, he also understand what the customers need and has tried to cater all of it in his High End Luxury Barber Shop, which is just like a modern barbershop but no less than a salon.

Roger Wilson has previously worked in Canada as well, providing a variety of barber and grooming services for different age groups and genders, hence he has mastered the superior skills for catering to the needs of the society.

Services Offered At High End Luxury Barber Shop

High End Luxury Barber Shop provides more than 15 barber services along with a complimentary coffee shop. We also offer rental chairs to licensed barbers along with equipment.

We aim to provide complete relaxation to customers while getting a haircut, shave, or other pampering services. While waiting for your turn or getting your services, you can enjoy your time with a complimentary drink.

High End Luxury Barber Shop also has a massage chair that you can use at affordable rates to unwind all the stress after a long work day. We prioritize customer comfort and ensure a mood-lifting and professional ambiance for our customers. We also have TV screens installed in some parts to keep the clients entertained while they enjoy our services.

Let us have a detailed look at the haircut and grooming services we provide at High End Luxury Barber Shop along with what sets us apart from other full service barber shops:

We believe that luxury should be affordable for all.

1. Blow-Out Fades

Blow-out fades haircuts for men are commonly known as Brooklyn fades in the USA. It is a style of men’s haircut that combines a stand-in fade or squat fade on the left, back, and right sides. Furthermore, it also unites a voluminous top fashioned in several different ways.

However, it is important that you do not limit your imagination. Besides, a blow-out fade can be done with minimal styling utensils and tools and is very easy to get, we add out touch to it and customize it according to your facial features. So, that it becomes even more appealing.

So, if you plan to get a desired twist with the blow-out fade and let your creativity loose, the High End Luxury Barber Shop is the best place to visit for a Brooklyn fade. However, it would be best to choose one of the following approaches before you visit the shop:

  • The first approach is to put hair gel on the spacious area on the top, flair back, and drive it up to accomplish a stern blow-out appearance.
  • The second approach is to spear up all the hair on the top area. This technique works best if you have really long hair.

2.  Afro Style Trim & Afro Taper Fade Haircut

An Afro Taper Fade haircut or Afro style trim holds and reveals the ordinary viscosity, texture, and dimensions of the hair of a black man. Conventionally, it structures countless volumes, with the hairstyle scoured out and up into a curved shape.

This hairstyle is best for you if you have long, curly hair. If you have a profusion of capacity and consistency, it would be best to show it off with an Afro Taper Fade haircut. It is known to be the best archetypal look for a renewed and practical style.

So, if you are looking for an awaited turn with the Afro Taper Fade haircut, you must visit the High End Luxury Barber Shop and get your haircut done today by our one of expert barbers. You can also choose from our barbers.

3.  Hot Towel Shave

Going about your shaving routine with warm or cold water is the norm for numerous men. However, these people are unaware of the hundreds of benefits of going for a hot towel shave. A hot shave or a hot towel shave is a grooming service where a hot or warmed up towel is kept below the neck all through the shave.

If you do not feel comfortable, you can also place a hot towel under the neck for 30 to 45 seconds before the shave. It will also soften facial hair and make it easy to shave. Moreover, it helps excavate the facial pores and allows you to get an easier shave will no aftershave itching or bumps. Some of the other benefits of a hot towel shave include the following:

  • It exfoliates your skin & makes the shave easy
  • It helps reduce irritation & ensure smooth shave
  • It opens your pores & excavates the holes
  • It feels great & ensures relaxation

4. Burst Fades

Burst fades are generally known as the Mohawk fades or the South French fades. It combines two famous haircuts, a fade cut and a French cut. Besides, the Burst fades provide a stylish, clean substitute to the classic pointed haircut and assembles a widespread mock hawk on the spacious top with a French fade on the left, right, and backsides.

Since, it’s one of the most preferred cut, we have the specialists onboard, who personally get to know the requirements of our clients and then works on them accordingly. The hygiene maintained throughout the processes might be the second reason for our success, as burst fades top the list due to the popularity of this cut.

5. Barber Chair Rental

The much needed equipment in the barber shop is a decent barber chair. This is why most barber shops and salons spend a lot of time and money tailoring and designing the barber chairs that go with the theme of their salons without compromising the comfort of the clients.   But, we not only on the comfort, we focus on luxury, that is why we have premium quality chairs that are not only comfortable but exquisite with a serene touch and feel.

Thi s is one of the reasons we also offer barber chair rental services to let other barbers come onboard and offer the same services. So that their customers don’t leave them in between the cut due to uncomfortable chair.

Our interior also emphasizes on look and ambiance of the shop, this is why all our shop’s equipment, such as the tables, chairs, mirrors, etc., is similar to the design of the salon and develops an aesthetic appeal to entice the new people to come to your shop.

This is because when a customer sees a comfy, luxurious, and disinfected chair, it draws their attention and appeals to them to come for a haircut or shave.

This is because when our customer is comfortable and relaxed, we are able to style the hair easily and offer better customer service, which also increases the innumerous good reviews that we get.

At Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barber Shop, we provide well designed, stylish, and comfortable rented barber chairs for barbershops and salons that are looking for these chairs at an inexpensive rent.

The terms and conditions we offer are simple and convenient, and there are no hidden charges for our customers. We aim to provide these services in the industry to let barbers entertain their customers in our certified and stylish space with a complimentary bar. Moreover, we provide a few other services that can add value to your customer service.

6. Luxury Massage Chairs

With fast-paced human life with no time to relax in your busy schedules, we help you chase away your tiredness and relax in an elegant environment with a complimentary  onsite coffee shop.

Moreover, you can book an appointment for a luxury massage chair at Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barber Shop if you feel nervousness, stressed, or aches throughout your body from prolonged walking and meeting hours.

Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barber Shop also understands the fact that releasing daily stress is must. This is why the luxury massage chairs have been designed in a way that they offer the most breathtaking massage to put all your muscle and bones at rest.

The massage chairs we have help decrease the pain in your body and stress that you have had throughout the day, release sore muscles, and enhance blood circulation.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. While you relax and release your stress on the massage chair, the High End Luxury Barber Shop facilitates you with a free tea, drink, or a coffee of your choice from our complimentary bar.

Wrapping Up

Roger Wilson offers the best haircut and grooming services for women, men, and kids of all ages in the town. Knowing the increasing consumer demands, he put up his initiative to cater to the needs of people with his amazing High End Luxury Barber Shop for people who want fancier grooming services all under one roof without emptying their pockets.

People have already started to like the place ever since it opened and the number of customers is only increasing every day – only through the word of mouth!

With more than 30 years of experience, Roger Wilson has all the equipment needed to ensure that High End Luxury Barber Shop becomes one of the best barbershops in the United States that can provide a memorable and relaxing experience to the people in the vicinity.

If you are also looking to unwind the rest and take spending some quality time for yourself, head over to Roger Wilson’s High End Luxury Barbershop to enjoy the most relaxing haircuts and grooming services in minimal time and cost and experience the serenity for yourself!

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