What Is a Lineup Haircut

What Is a Lineup Haircut-Everything You Should Know

If a sharp and edgy hairdo is more your style, you might want to consider getting a lineup haircut. It’s one of the most popular styles, mostly among African-American men. However, anyone with angular features can sport it to look their best.
This super clean cut accentuates your face’s natural angles giving you a versatile look to elevate your features and personality. Without further ado, let’s shed light on everything you should know about it and some of the best lineup haircuts you can sport.

What is a Lineup Haircut?

A lineup haircut is a hairstyle that gives an extra defined look using clippers with a short guard size or a straight razor. The cut is identifiable by the sharp edges of the hair that are noticeable at the temples. It gives a very clean look and focuses mostly on creating lines. This haircut style best suits those with a diamond or square face shape. However, you can still discuss it with your barber to find a style that suits you.

Things to Know For the Lineup Haircut

There are many styles and variations of the lineup haircut, and choosing one can be confusing. However, you want a look that suits your face shape best and helps you define your features.
In this regard, discussing your hairstyle with the barber will be helpful. It would be even better if you could share some pictures of the styles you like best. A picture will better help the barber understand the kind of lineup hairdo you are looking for.
You should know that to give you this style, your barber should use short clippers and a straight razor to give that sharp effect and uniform look. The hair at the temples should extend out at the front of the head and form a 90-degree angle.



Maintaining the Class of Hair styling at an Affordable Price

The neckline and the area around the ears should both be clipped close. You can incorporate the lineup cut into your existing style or cut your hair short for it. It usually looks best with all kinds of shorter buzz cuts. However, depending on your style, you can choose to keep hair volume on the top.

The lineup haircut is more of a versatile technique than a haircut that allows you to create crisp hair lines for a sharp look.

Lineup Haircuts You Should Try

Following are some of the most popular lineup hairstyles that you can consider to give yourself a clean, new look.

Best Lineup Haircut

Fade Lineup

A fade lineup will create a uniform and clean look. If you like the hair on top to be messy, you can go for this look, as it keeps the sides tidy. Some hairstyles it will look best with include spiked-up hair, caesar cut, and a quiff.

Buzz Cut Lineup

A buzz cut creates a balanced look, and if you are all for the latest style, then you can opt for a lineup with a buzz cut. This kind of cut works best for any hair length and type, so it wouldn’t even be a hassle to maintain.

Slicked Back Look

If you like sporting a slick-back look, then you can take it to the next level by incorporating a lineup. It will give your hair a more polished look by removing any unwanted short hairs from the sides and temples.

Lineup Pompadour

Pompadour is one of the most popular styles from the 1950s, which people still like to sport. It’s quite a dramatic style in itself, but you can take it up a notch by pairing it with an equally dramatic lineup. You can amp up this retro look into an edgy modern-day style by incorporating razor-sharp edges and a hair parting.

Fringe Cut with a Lineup

You can pair a fringe cut with a lineup to create a clean asymmetrical look. The side-swept fringe can be incorporated with a lineup using clippers on one side. You can also add a taper fade to create an overlapping look.

Lineup with a Drop Fade

If you are someone who likes the drop fade, then you can add a lineup to make it stand out. In this style, your barber will create a visible line on the side by following the curve of the drop fade. It will give elevate the entire look. You can also get more creative by shaving a different section to create a double-pointed look.

Bowl Cut Lineup

The bowl cut is one of the trendiest hairstyles that pairs well with the lineup. You can give your hair a twist by adding an edgy finish to the look, which suits most face cuts. It looks particularly well on big foreheads, so if you have one, you can give this a try.

Faux Hawk with Lineup

You can pair the lineup with a fade to create a faux hawk look. For people with dense hair, this is one of the best styles to sport. It imitates the Mohawk by building hair volume at the front into an upright column.

Then you can add a lineup on the sides to make it stand out. The faded sides give the faux hawk a distinct look by creating a disconnection. It is quite a versatile haircut to have if you can really flaunt it well.

End Note

Getting a haircut that suits your face shape and your overall personality is very important. It can make or break your overall style. It’s not that difficult to find a cut that suits you. However, you need a stylist that understands you well.

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