Short Tapered Hairstyles For Women

Tapered haircuts have remained popular with men but are now gaining acceptance and popularity among women. If you’re someone who loves bold styles but also likes to keep things simple, a short tapered haircut may just be right for you. Let’s look at what a tapered cut looks like for women, its benefits, and some of the latest styles you can sport to look classier.

Defining a Short Tapered Hairstyle

Tapered cuts are ruling the internet right now. These make hairstyling a breeze by offering a very clean and polished look. Your short hair can be managed easily with a tapered cut. But what is it?

A short tapered haircut refers to a cut in which the volume is retained on the top of the head while the hair gets shorter towards the neckline. There is a lot of range and diversity to play around with. It keeps the hair lightweight and gives you an instant edgy look. It’s the best cut for boss women who like to sport short hair that is easily manageable.

Benefits of Tapered Haircut

When it comes to hair care and styling, there are several benefits of short-tapered hairstyles for women. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why you will love it:

Makes Styling Simple

A tapered cut really makes hair styling very easy. If you have a busy schedule, then it’s the best cut for you. Without any extra effort, your hair will look stylish and on point.

Create Volume Where You Want

A tapered cut allows you to create volume by propping the longer hair lengths with shorter lengths underneath. A tapered cut is ideal for giving that much-needed volume to your hair without compromising on a lot of your hair. You can add volume near the crown, in the back, or on the sides, depending on how high up the tapering begins and where you taper.

Feels Lighter

As a tapered cut removes hair from the side and back of your head, you will feel so much lighter and free. It allows your head to feel airy with short hair toward the neckline and most of the mane concentrated on top in length.

Get yourself a New Look

Seamlessly Update Your Haircut

A tapered look gives you the liberty to seamlessly shape and style your short hair. You can transform it between a bob, crop, or pixie and update it anytime you like. You gradually shorten the length near the neckline, allowing you to follow the natural curves of your heard. This gives your hair a more polished and sophisticated look.

Compliment Your Face Shape

A short haircut can look good on any face shape as long as you cut and style it in a way that suits it. Tapering allows you to do just that whether you have an oval, square, round, or heart-shaped face. It will allow you to accentuate your best features and leave you looking flattering.

The Best Short Tapered Hairstyles for Women

Tapperes Hairstyle For Female

There is a lot to love about a modern tapered cut, as it lets you walk out in style without making a lot of effort. However, if you’re not sure which tapered cut to go for, here are the best short tapered hairstyles for women. From going bold to sporting a sleek look, the possibilities are endless:

Layered Bob with a Tapered Cut

A layered bob can look great with a tapered cut. It allows for creating more interest and texture throughout the top section of your head. You can also add a pixie cut to the bob with some extra volume at the crown. Then taper it to a point at the nape to create a stylish effect.

Side Styled Asymmetrical Tapered Crop Cut

You can closely taper the hair on one side while keeping the hair on the other side a bit longer. This will allow you to create an interesting contrast, and if you want to go bold, you can also color your hair. For a cleaner look, gradually shorten the length toward the neckline.

An Inverted Tapered Bob

With an inverted bob infused with a tapered cut, you can not only look stylish, but it also boosts volume in the back of the head. At the front, you can have longer strands while the length gradually shortens at the neckline.

Pixie Cut with a Long Tapered Wedge

A pixie cut looks extremely stylish, but you can take it up a notch by infusing it with a long tapered wedge. The loose wedge length on top will make this cut stand out and look uniquely stylish. As you have more length, you can style it any way you want to create different looks.

Tapered Cut with a Design

With this tapered cut, you can keep the texture and volume on top of your head while you create a shaved design on the sides. The perfect balance of long and short strands creates a smooth yet prominent style that gives a voluminous look. You can style it as you like by creating extra texture.

Low Tapered Cut with a Short Bob

If you like sporting a bob, give it a new twist by starting the taper point low. By doing this, you will get an almost-stacked effect that begins to close at the neckline. The long lengths will sit on top of the shorter layers adding extra style and texture to your hair.

Short Taper Cut with a Clean Pixie

If you are looking for something clean, stylish, and minimal, this is the cut you should go for. Pair a short tapered length on the sides and back with longer strands of hair on the top. It’s a great cut for straight hair, which is also easy to style. You can just use your fingers to bring it together.

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