How to Use Massage Chair

Everyone wants to feel healthy and active. However, with the many life stressors surrounding us, a pain-free life is just not possible. There are various reasons for the pain and fatigue in the body. According to one Statista survey, 29% of US adults with back pain believed it was due to stress.

Daily life stressors are sometimes out of people’s control, and a regular massage is believed to be healing for the mind and body. Massage is considered a part of integrative medicine that can help treat a range of ailments and medical conditions.

Benefits of Massage

You can find massage therapy being offered in various salons, hospitals, clinics, and even at airports. You will find people raving about its many benefits but are you aware of how it can help you lead a healthy life?

Well, regular massage can help you with the following:

benefits of massage chair

  • Improve immune function
  • Lower blood pressure and heart rate
  • Improve alertness, circulation, and energy
  • Provides relaxation
  • Reduces stress
  • Relieves tension and muscle soreness

Tips to Use a Massage Chair

Many people complain about not feeling the benefits when they use a massage chair. Each one of them has a different reason, but all are valid. If you use a massage chair in the right way and at the right times, it can be beneficial. You will not leave the chair complaining, and it will help you feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

Following are some tips to make the most of your visit to the barbershop for using a massage chair.

Explore the Chair Settings

Massage chairs come in many variants with a variety of settings. Before you get accustomed to the massage chair at your favorite salon, you should learn everything about its settings. Before your session begins, you should enquire about its functions and your reasons for getting a massage.

The massage will only be beneficial when the chair is set on the right settings and features. In this regard, make sure wherever you book your session, they can walk you through the settings and set it up rightly for you.

Be Aware of your Problem Areas

To use the massage chair, it would be helpful to know why you are going for a massage in the first place. If it is just to break free from routine and find some relaxation, then the general massage settings would be beneficial for you.

However, if you are experiencing pain in specific areas of your body, you will benefit from the specific settings of the massage chair. For instance, if you stand on your feet all day, then the foot rollers on the massage chair will help relax your feet and relieve the soreness.

Similarly, in case of back pain or soreness, the shoulder rollers can help provide relief and untie the knots in your back and shoulder blades. Knowing your areas of concern and discussing them with a specialist can help you make the most of your massage experience.

Begin Slow

Most people who are new to using massage chairs make the mistake of using them too often. As a beginner, you should start slow because your muscles are not used to the movements regularly. In the beginning, you should only use the massage chair once or twice a week.

As your body starts getting used to it, you can increase the sessions to three per week. When you use the massage chair, you should pay attention to your body’s reaction and avoid pushing it too far.

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How Often Should You Book a Massage Chair?

Well, now that you know how to use a massage chair, you should also know how often and at what times you should use it. It will aid you in understanding the need for massage better and making the most of your massage sessions.

Best Time of the Day for a Massage

The best time to book your massage chair is in the early morning or at the end of a long day. As your body wakes up from sleep, it will help you to feel relaxed before starting a busy day. Similarly, if you have a hectic day scheduled, getting your massage at the day’s end can help relax your muscles and put your body and mind at ease.

How Long Should Your Session Be

You should seriously consider the length of your massage session, as overdoing it could lead to serious repercussions. Overuse of the massage chair can lead to a muscular spasm. So it is important to consult a massage chair specialist and listen to your body after the massage. On average, you should book a session of around 20 minutes to an hour, depending on how used to your body has gotten.

Frequency of Massage Sessions

How often you get a massage also affects how well your body functions. If you are experiencing positive health benefits and feel relaxed after a session, it doesn’t mean you can increase the frequency of massages.

Typically if you are experiencing discomfort, you should reduce the frequency. It is advisable that if you book a massage chair for recreational purposes, then also the frequency should be low. However, if you are using it for a specific purpose, booking a session once or twice a week would be helpful.

End Word

Your body needs care and maintenance to function well. If you are experiencing signs of muscle soreness, pain, and stress, then getting a massage would be helpful. We are an upscale luxury barbershop in Florida where you can book your massage chair to de-stress.

Our well-designed luxury shop meets your specific needs to help you relax. Along with that, we are an expert barbershop with extensive haircutting and hairstyling experience. We cater to men, women, and children. As you relax while getting a haircut or massage, you can also order a hot cup from our onsite coffee bar. We invest in our client’s experience and want you to feel at ease. Contact us today to reserve your spot.

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