How To Find A Good Barber

Ways To Find A Good Barber

A lot of people are presently missing out on the perks of having an excessive association with a regular salon or barber services of top quality. The tradition of the barber shop seems to be dying, and contemporary, resulting in more men going to the barber shop that is near their homes. On the other hand, most individuals prefer going to a unisex salon to get a hair cut and other services.

So, the biggest problem that individuals face is that each time they need a barber and decide to go for a haircut the hair style turns out to be very different. Moreover, with each visit to the barber, you need to inform them about your expectations and tell them your desired haircut.

Moreover, when you shift to a new locality or your current Barber is not present, you spend a lot of time finding a barber for a good haircut. In fact, looking for a new barber is more difficult than expected, particularly if you are explicit and finicky about your hairs.

How Do I Know If My Barber Is Good?

Good Hairdressers and stylists are difficult to find as they are a special breed and usually expensive. Such barbers are inventive, amiable, interested in state-of-the-art hair shaping trends, and, more essentially, have a desire and devotion to the haircutting profession.

So, if you are passionate about hairstyling but you are unaware of what to ask for at the barber shop or how your Barber should be, here are some qualities of perfect barbers:

  • Barbers have a wide array of top-quality tools
  • They have always had a fascination with hair
  • Hairdressers are entrepreneurial
  • Barbers possess and utilize their extensive hair knowledge
  • They are chatty and love being around people
  • Barbers respect the profession
  • They are creative
  • They are clean and committed to sanitation
  • They hear out your need and asses your look before suggesting a haircut

Moreover, if you are looking for some signs to check if the barber you have chosen is right for you or not, here are a few signs to match the Barber you have selected:

  • The Barber Is Well Groomed
  • He Asks For Your Input
  • He Has A Good Reputation In The Locality
  • It Isn’t Easy To Get An Appointment
  • The Barber Is Confident
  • The Shop Is Clean & The Barber Takes Safety Measures
  • Proper Time Is Allocated To You
  • He Asks The Right Questions Regarding Styling

Ways To Find A Good Barber

If you are looking to find a barber shop or barber services in your locality, it would be difficult to find the best one. However, it is not impossible. Some of the ways to find a good barber are:

1. Ask Your Current Barber

If your barber does not offer all the services you are looking for; it would be best to ask your current barber for a new barber. This is because your barber knows you and what you are looking for. So he can recommend you the best person.

Furthermore, barbers have many resources and can better guide you on which barber would suit you best. Your hairstylist already has lots of connections with other salons and barbers in the surrounding. This is also helpful if you are looking to move to a new location. Your barber can recommend the best barber in your new area, particularly if you are planning to move nearby.

Some of the services that all the barbershops in the surroundings do not offer include:

  • Eyebrow shaping
  • Customized designs
  • Straight-razor shave
  • Beard and mustache trimming
  • Braiding
  • Bear waxing
  • Hair treatments
  • Beard braiding and styling

So, if you are looking for one of the services mentioned above, and your barber does not offer these, it is recommended to ask your current barber for recommendations.

2. Research Online

The second way to look for a perfect barber is through online research. You can simply type how to find a barber shop near me or places to get a haircut around me, and google will show you hundreds of options for it. As a result, you can also look for the customer reviews before visiting the shop.

On the other hand, online reviews are really important when looking for a new barber. Some of the best websites to look for barbers and their online reviews include:

  • Facebook
  • Yelp
  • Instagram
  • Google

3. Follow Barber Shops On Social Media Platforms

With social media on the rise and the number of new users increasing day by day, the best place to check the reviews is social media. You can utilize platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, join different communities on social media, and ask for recommendations from others by creating a poll.

Furthermore, you must follow barber shops on social media to see what they are offering, their prices, and the pictures / videos they upload of their customers. This will help you select the barber shop you can go to for a haircut or other services and will also enlighten you with thee ongoing trends. This way you would have a style for reference too.

4. Ask Around

If you are wondering about places to get a haircut around me, the best way is the word of mouth advertising. It would be best to speak to people around you, especially people with good hairstyles. This will also help you expand your options on where to look for the best barber services.

If you have recently shifted to a new location, asking around to other people will benefit you in knowing the options they choose. Moreover, it is recommended to visit the barber shops yourself.

5. Consider The Amenities Logistics

When visiting a barber shop, you must ensure that the barber you are looking to go to for a haircut or other services has some basic amenities available to provide you with the best haircut. Even though if the barber with good amenities is a few minutes walk or drive away, you must still choose them.

This will help you ensure that you come out of the barber shop happy and satisfied. The other things to consider in the features include the following:

  • The availability of the barber on Sundays, public holidays, and other weekends
  • The availability of a parking slot near the barber
  • The availability of providing home-based services (In case you cannot visit them sometime)

Get a barber that helps you look good.

6. Know What Makes A Great Barber

The last thing to consider to find a barber is to know the qualities of a good barber. The barber you choose must understand your expectations and deliver accordingly. However, a few other attributes to look out for in the barber include the following:


The first quality you should see in the barber is professionalism. You must know if they go above and beyond to accommodate their customers. Or do they take appointments outside of business hours? Moreover, you also need to see if they have professional equipment and proper facilities available.

Skills & Experience

A professional barber offers extra attention and care to their customers. Barbers will only do this with skills and experience to do the job well. As a result, you must ensure that the barber you wish to go to for the services is qualified and has skills so you may be satisfied with the services.

Good Customer Service

Good customer service is one of the major things that can make or break a business. Moreover, good customer service starts from the time when you book the appointment. So, it would be best if they could give you the appointment immediately.

Also, you need to check their social media pages to see whether they respond to customer queries quickly. You must also know if they regularly reply to the individuals asking different questions.


To find a barber or a barbershop services nearby is one of the most important decisions for individuals who are hair conscious. However, starting by reading the reviews online and searching for barbers on social media is recommended.

Moreover, all the ways mentioned above will help you find the perfect barber for a haircut and other services. Once you have found the barber for the services you need, you must visit them once to check the cleanliness and the safety measures the barber takes.

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