Best Fade Haircuts for Kids in 2023

Best Fade Haircuts for Kids in 2023

Fade haircuts are always in trend. It doesn’t take long for men’s style trends to be seen in kids. Children, especially boys, want to look as good as their fathers or older brothers. This article explores the best fade haircuts for kids in 2023.

What Is a Fade Haircut?

Fade haircuts are a style that features shorter hair on the back and sides. They are a versatile hair trend that especially looks good on young boys. It is perfect for kids ready to explore new hairstyles and who love styling their hair.

There are several different kinds of fade haircuts to explore for kids. Some styles also feature hair designs such as shaved lines or zig zag. The tapered hair look is also manageable for kids and simple to style.

Best Fade Haircuts for Kids in 2023

Here are the top eight fade haircuts that can look good, whether on their own or in combination with another style.

fade haircuts style for kids


Let’s find out what these are.

1. High Fade

The high fade cut works well with short and long hair. It is a super fun and versatile cut that creates a high-contrasting style focusing on most of the styling on top. In a high fade, most of the volume will be retained on the top of the head.

You can also combine it with a side part that makes an attractive, outgoing look. The Mohawk fade is another style you must try, which is a less intense version of the classic high fade with shaved sides.

2. Low Fade

A low has less contrast and more texture on the sides, which creates a more clean-cut look. In a low fade, the barber will begin the tapered cut right above the ears, extending to the neckline. This conservative hairstyle works well on medium-length to long hair, giving it some volume. Low-fade haircuts suit kids quite well. It looks really good with a classic messy top or a modern spiky look.

3. Taper Fade

A taper fade is a classic cut that doesn’t blend the hair into the skin. If you take your kid for a taper fade, the barber will use clippers to cut the back and side hair very short. It creates a distinct style that is easy for boys to carry. A taper fade is all about personality and style. Most taper fade cuts look fresh with minimal effort, so you wouldn’t have to do much to maintain it.

4. Mid Fade

A mid fade is another must-try fade haircut for kids. It offers the perfect blend between handsome and edgy. Little boys look just so cute in a mid fade cut that starts in the middle at the sides and back. A mid fade gives the hair just the right balance that young boys can easily pull off.

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5. Undercut Fade

The undercut fade is another popular haircut style for kids. It is quite similar to the high fade and is defined by a distinct difference between the sides and the top. It begins high on the sides and back and is usually cut the same length.

Your barber can pair the undercut fade with a slick back, which looks stylish. It’s a style that young boys can sport easily. However, the undercut fade easily pairs with medium and long hair lengths.

6. Buzz Cut Fade

A buzz cut with a fade is the got-to-style for boys with curly hair. Not only is this cut easy to maintain but looks cool as well. You won’t have to cut your boy’s curly hair short. Long strands can be left on top in a defined length that is manageable with a slight fade on the sides. It eliminates the need for styling, and your boy will surely love it.

7. Pompadour Low Fade Cut

Another popular fade cut trend to try is a pompadour fade cut, commonly known as the pomp fade. It is easy to sport and looks stylish on most face cuts. The pomp fade will look best on voluminous hair, but you can also style it loosely.

8. Bald Fade

Lastly, you can go for the bald fade, which is also popularly known as the skin fade. In this cut, the barber will trim the hair so well on the sides and back that it almost fades into the skin. It almost exposes the scalp but also gives an edgy and fresh look.

Tips to Maintain a Fade Cut

A fade cut is generally a low-maintenance cut. To keep it fresh, you must take your kid to the barber every 1-2 weeks, depending on their hair growth. Fade cuts that are closer to the skin require more maintenance. This is because the new hair becomes more noticeable as it grows out. It can start giving a shabby look to the whole cut.

To keep the cut fresh and new, you can do the following at home before your barber’s next appointment.

Keep a Set of Clippers At Home

To refresh your child’s fade cut, you should have a set of clippers handy at home. That is why it is important that these should be high quality with at least 4 guard lengths for an effective fade.

Set Up a Good Mirror

If you want to refresh and maintain your kid’s fade haircut at home, you should make a good setup to seat the child in broad light and view the cut in the mirror. It will help both of you if the kid feels relaxed.

Address the Hair Growth First

To keep the fade cut fresh at home, you need to first address the areas where the hair is growing back faster. You would need to trim and clean the hair at the sides and back

End Word

Kids can be edgy, and difficult to give a haircut. In short, if you can’t make them sit still during a refresh at home, it’s best to seek out a professional barbershop specializing in fade haircuts for kids. We invest in our client experience and have professional barbers for kids’ haircuts. Book your appointment with our experienced barbers today for an enjoyable experience.

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